How to Get AP Invoice Lines Transferred Via Mass Additions to FA?

Today a colleague asked me why her FA AP invoice was not transferred to FA via Mass Addition. I’m a little lazy today and it is a long history for me to study the wipe of FA and AP, so just go to Metalink and google the documents. It’s so fast to find out this document 243671.1 as below:

For the Mass Addition Create process to import an invoice line distribution to
Oracle Assets, these specific conditions must be met:

1. The line is charged to an asset account.
2. The asset account is used for an existing asset category as either the asset
clearing or the CIP clearing account.
3. The Track as Asset check box is checked. (It is automatically checked if the
account is an asset account).
4. The invoice is approved.
5. The invoice line distribution is posted to GL from Payables.
6. The GL date on the invoice line distribution is on or before the date
specified for the create program.
7. Accounts Payables set up must be tied to the same GL set of books as the
corporate book for which you want to create mass additions.

Run the script MASSCREATE.sql in Note:198232.1
Validation script for Invoices in Mass Addition Process to ensure all the
above conditions are met.

For the script of masscreate.sql, it is just for 11.0 which most of oracle users have not used. For 11.5, please query 337787.1.

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