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Expense Amortization in Oracle

You have a big expense which can be amortized to multiple periods against your local accounting principle, e.g. building fixture, etc.

1. Create a FA(fixed asset) category in your FA book.  This category is similar with real fixed asset category but with 0 salvage value. Depreciation expense is the amortization expense in this case and the life year is your amortization periods.

2. Create AP invoice with the full figure of your fixture fee. The distribution line is in the account of FA clearing. So the accounting entry is

Dr. FA clearing
Cr. Liability

3. Make FA addition in FA module with the category for expense amortization (or by mass addition from AP).

Dr. Asset Cost (Expense Asset)
Cr. FA clearing

4. Run depreciation every period to amortize the expense.

Dr. Amortization Expense
Cr. Asset Cost (Expense Asset)

Apply WordPress API Key

Some wordpress plug-in needs API key to active, e.g. Akismet and Stats.  To apply a new API key, you can:

1. Go to

2. Click “Free Keys” to get Akismet API key.

3. Click “Sign Up for a account” link to get other plug-ins API key. After signing up the account, an API key will be sent to your inbox.

All SO lines are closed but SO is still “Booked”. Why?

If you are still use the Oracle standard workflow “Order Flow – Generic” and “Close – Order”,  Oracle will close the order header by the last day of the month when all the lines are closed.  Sometimes it makes your user a little confused.

If you need to close the order header as soon as all order lines are closed, please refer to metalink document 397364.1 to customize above two workflows or email me to discuss.

Delete an Item

You can delete an item, if there’s no any transactions related to it in your system.

1. Log into IC module and change the organization to the item master organization, e.g. 000.

2. Go to item>delete an item and create a delete group.

3. Enter a group name, e.g. “20090101” and select “All organizations” (To delete the item thoroughly, please select “All organizations”. To delete the item only on your current organization but remain it in other organizations, you can select “Current organizations”.)

4. Enter the item to be deleted.

5. Click “Check Group” button, then a concurrent request will be run and return you some Errors if there is. Generally, if you have assigned item to multiple org.,there’s always an error said “the item is still existing in the child org.”. Just ignore it. For other errors, fix them.

6. Click “Delete Group” to delete them.

WordPress 3.0 is released!

WordPress is a great and strongly powerful blogging platform on the base on mySQL and php. The contributor created a lot of themes and plug-ins, so you can select a theme for your blog website against your style and your blog content and you can also add a lot of plugins to enhance your blog.

Now WP 3.0 has been released. You can downloaded from The new release has below new features:

  • WordPress and WordPress MU have merged, allowing the management of multiple sites (called Multisite) from one WordPress installation.
  • New default theme “Twenty Ten” takes full advantage of the current features of WordPress.
  • New custom menu management feature, allows creation of custom menus combining posts, pages, categories, tags, and links for use in theme menus or widgets.
  • Custom header and background APIs.
  • Contextual help text accessed under the Help tab of every screen in the WordPress administration.
  • Bulk updating of themes with an automatic maintenance mode during the process.
  • Support for shortlinks.
  • Improved Custom post types and custom taxonomies including hierarchical (category-style) support.
  • A lighter admin color scheme to increase accessibility and put the focus more squarely on your content.

Delete Stock Locator

You can’t delete an inactive locator and can’t create a duplicate locator either even though they are under different sub-inventory. If your user create a locator under a wrong sub-inventory and then inactive it, he/she still can’t create a new one with the same locator name under the correct sub-inventory.

I don’t know why Oracle inactive the “Delete” button in the Stock Locator window, but Oracle provide a public API to delete the locator called inv_loc_wms_pub.delete_locator. If if there are no items attached to the locator and no onhand quantity for the locator, you can use it to delete it.