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Script to Initiatialize Application Context

v_user_id      NUMBER;
v_resp_id      NUMBER;
v_resp_appl_id NUMBER;
SELECT a.user_id,
INTO v_user_id,
fnd_user b,
WHERE a.user_id        =b.user_id
AND a.responsibility_id=c.responsibility_id
AND b.user_name        =    ‘&User_Name’
AND c.responsibility_name =    ‘&Responsibility_Name’;
fnd_global.APPS_INITIALIZE (v_user_id, v_resp_id, v_resp_appl_id);

Amortization Adjustment

A user want to change the life year of a fixed asset from 3 years to 2 years. The fixed asset is depreciated from 01-JUL-2009 and its original cost is 50000 CNY. Supposed that today is in the period AUG-2010, How to adjust the depreciation variance 50000/36*13-50000/24*13? Book it to the period of AUG-2010 or amortize it to the periods from AUG-2010 to JUN-2011 or even amortize it to the periods from JAN-2010 to JUN-2011?

There’s a checkbox called “Amortize Adjustment”. If you want to book the variance to your current period, just keep this option as blank. If you want to amortize the variance from any period, mark the checkbox and enter the Amortize Start Date.

A SQL Script to Reconcile GL and Sub-ledger

A SQL Script to Reconcile GL and Sub-ledger: The script exact all of the journal lines for specific accounts, which is not imported from sub-ledger.

SELECT gla.*



WHERE gla.line_code_combination_id=glc.code_combination_id

AND glc.segment1                  ='xxx'

AND glc.segment4                  ='xxxxxxx'

AND gla.je_source <> 'Purchasing'

and gla.je_source <> 'Payables';

Expense Report Import and Employee-Type Supplier

Expense report will be imported to AP invoices once you run the request "Expense Report Import". Every AP invoice should be a specified supplier, so if there's no existing supplier in your system, the expense report cannot be imported to AP invoice.

There's an setup option called "Automatically create supplier during expense report import" in Payables Options – Expense Report tab.

  • If the option is checked, the system will auto create a supplier if it is not existing.
  • If the option is not checked and the supplier master is also not existing, the expense report will be under the exception report.
  • If the option is not checked but the supplier mater is existing while the supplier site is not existing or not called "OFFICE"/"HOME“, a supplier site will be automatically created called "OFFICE"/"HOME", then book the AP invoice on it.

Migrate WordPress from one Hosting Provider to Another

Method to migrate wordpress from one hosting provider to another:

  1. Go to old hosting provider's control panel to backup your wordpress database to a sql statement;
  2. Log into old hosting provider's ftp server to backup all you website files to your local computor;
  3. Add on your domain name in your new hosting provider and create the main directory for this domain name;
  4. Upload all your website files from your local computer to the main directory;
  5. Create a new MySQL database in your new hosting provider and import your backuped SQL statement to the new database;
  6. Edit the wp_configure.php file in your new hosting provider, to change the database name, database user and password;
  7. Log into your wordpress homepage to have a look.

If you met a blank page during your first logon, you can debug it through viewing the source code of your blank page. Generally, it is brought by your plugins. So we strongly recommend you to inactive your all plugins before doing above steps. If you have done, just change the name of  /wp_content/plugin/ folder, then WordPress will automatically inactive all of the plugins. Then you can see your homepage and admin pages, where you can active the plugins again.