Amortization Adjustment

A user want to change the life year of a fixed asset from 3 years to 2 years. The fixed asset is depreciated from 01-JUL-2009 and its original cost is 50000 CNY. Supposed that today is in the period AUG-2010, How to adjust the depreciation variance 50000/36*13-50000/24*13? Book it to the period of AUG-2010 or amortize it to the periods from AUG-2010 to JUN-2011 or even amortize it to the periods from JAN-2010 to JUN-2011?

There’s a checkbox called “Amortize Adjustment”. If you want to book the variance to your current period, just keep this option as blank. If you want to amortize the variance from any period, mark the checkbox and enter the Amortize Start Date.

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