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View the “Status Monitor” of other user’s workflow

To allow user to view different user’s workflow, you must make user can select “Workflow Owned By” field in “Status Monitor“. To enable user to do that,

1. Log in the responsibility “Workflow Administrator Web Applications” with sysadmin user and password.

2. Go to Administration tab (window).

3. Change “Workflow System Administrator” to user name, responsibility name or “*”.

  • If user name, the user can view all workflow and other user can only view his/her own workflow;
  • If responsibility name, the user who has this responsibility can view all workflow;
  • If *, anyone can view all workflow.

Rapidly familiar with a workflow

If one user ask or colleague ask you what will happens if the approval notification time out, but you don’t know if the workflow has been customized, what will you do? Check the workflow with below options as soon as possible.

1. Check the workflow process and original code. You can open the workflow process through below path and drill down the process. But if you want to see the codes, e.g. procedures, you need workflow builder and SQL Developer etc. It is a time-consumed tasks.

2. Reproduce a requisition/PO and submit for approval in Test environment. Log in the system with Sysadmin account, find out the workflow, skip the notification step with the result of “Time out” in Activity Details window, then come back to the requisition/PO to see what happened. From my own experience, it looks a very efficient method.

3. Combine above two ways.