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Install phpMyAdmin 3.3.1

After installing apache, php, mySQL in my local environment, I need to install a phpMyAdmin to help me manage mySQL database. Below is the steps I executed,

1.  Create a new folder called phpmyadmin under your apache publish folder whose default is /var/www/html/

2. Extract the downloaded phpmyadmin package to the new folder

3. Config the phpmyadmin

  • Open the terminate to create and open
  • Change/add the below lines

4.  Restart apache then open http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Note: You can set up as 777 permission mode(755 ok), otherwise you will meet error message as “Wrong permissions on configuration file, should not be world writable!”

You may meet this error when you first log into phpMyAdmin

For second error, you need to install php mbstring extension by running “# yum install php-mbstring” in terminal, inserting “” to php.ini and then restarting the apache service.

For the first error,  click “here” hyper-link to get the check list, and change the file against the check list with your own requirement.