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Problems after Zen Cart installation

To compare with osCommerce, I also  installed another very famous e-commerce open source website template – Zen Cart ( ), but after installing it I can’t open the shopping homepage and admin homepage. Only a blank page, even no error message. Why?

Google it and found I need to install a debug plug-in to get the error message firstly. The debug plug-in is published by Zen Cart in the link of

Against the debug plug-in, I got the three error message:

[14-Mar-2010 01:32:20] PHP Deprecated:  Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /var/www/html/zencart2/includes/classes/seo.url.php on line 49
[14-Mar-2010 01:32:20] PHP Deprecated:  Function ereg() is deprecated in /var/www/html/zencart2/includes/classes/db/mysql/query_factory.php on line 147
[14-Mar-2010 01:32:20] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare date_diff() in /var/www/html/zencart2/includes/functions/functions_general.php on line 1479

I ignore the first two, strictly, it is just a warning message.

For the third, I looks a little complex. I googled it and found a patch from Zen Cart again. This error just appears on PHP 5.3.x. The un-patched Zen Cart 1.3.8(a)  is not support php 5.3.x. To download the patch and the installation guide, you can refer to the link of

Next step – I need to find out a beautiful template for Zen Cart. 🙂