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Fusion Application Differentiators

Simplify –

  • Simplified and modernized user interface with Web 2.0.
  • Role-based dashboard brings all relevant information to you in a single place and inform you what’s important
  • Direct self-service access to financial reports
  • Simplified information access.

Standardize –

  • 100% open, standard-based applications and middleware allow you to easily extend existing business process
  • Standardized UI treatment such as collaboration, excel and embedded business intelligence
  • Decision support embedded directly within the context of a transaction for timely, consistent decisions

Centralized –

  • Access to all information on the base of your role
  • Common setup data may be secured and shared across entities by reference set id
  • Centralized business functions like TCA, SLA, tax, etc.

Automate –

  • Automatically present user with all pending tasks, completed tasks, estimated tasks in dashboard
  • With self-monitoring accounts, your accounting system becomes intelligent and alters you to anomalies requiring actions
  • Imaging integration and character recognition capabilities to make invoice entry faster and reduce errors
  • Auto match receipt with your transactions;
  • Extended Excel import features.