Oracle Jobs in China – Updated by 2014/09/15

以下职位均为甲骨文公司社会招聘职位,大约半个月更新一次,如有意者可通过电子邮件(或电话(+86 18501061796)联系我索取详细职位说明(Job Description)。如果合适,我会直接推荐到公司人事部。
Positions listing below are opportunities for experienced professions required in Oracle Corporation in China, which is updated about every half months. If you are interested any one, please contact Ning for job description by email or mobile +86 18501061796. If suitable, I will directly recommend you to recruiter.
Hot Position Locations: 大连/北京/深圳/上海/苏州/南京
Global Support Center
IRC No. Job Title Location
14000FEQ X86/X64 System Support (Korean/English) BJ
14000HAC Customer Service Representative – Japanese Speaking BJ
14000H83 Technical Analyst (Primavera PPM Support) – EN Speaking DL
14000FGN Technical Analyst – X86 Support – EN Speaking BJ
140005DV Technical Analyst 2 – JP DB Support DL
14000ATK Technical Analyst 2 – Support – JP CRM Rightnow Support DL
14000KZU TSC CAS Support Senior Manager DL
14000FXW Senior Tape Technical Support (Hardware, Japanese) BJ
14000HN6 Technical Anaylst – Oracle Weblogic & SOA Support – EN Speaking BJ/DL
14000HMZ Technical Analyst – Oracle Exalogic Support – EN Speaking DL
14000LJR Technical Analyst (Oracle Database Support) – JP Speaking DL
14000L15 Technical Analyst (DB Foundation & DBA Generic Support) – Mandarin/EN Speaking DL
14000N4P Technical Analyst (Taleo Business Edition Support) – EN Speaking DL
14000LHS Solaris and Network Product Support Manager – EN/JP Speaking BJ
14000LYQ X86 System Senior Support – JP Speaking BJ
14000PVQ Systems Tape Senior Support- JP Speaking BJ
14000P4V Technical Analyst (Oracle EBS Support) – EN Speaking DL
14000NRV Customer Service Representative – KR Speaking BJ
14000OLL Business Analyst – JP Speaking BJ
14000OEA Technical Analyst(ON Demand Service Desk)– JP Speaking DL
APAC Renewal Centre
14000LXC Oracle APAC Renewal Center Business Analyst – EN Speaking DL
GBU Sales (Dalian)
14000AJ2 SGD Sales Rep DL/BJ
ACS Sales (Dalian)
14000P0A Telesales Business Development Representative– ENG Speaking DL
IRC No. Job Title Location
APAC Localization, iFlex, NOKK
140007XG QA Engineer (Japanese-speaking) BJ
140002D3 Senior Fusion Applications Developer (Java, SQL) BJ
14000B90 System Admin (Linux/Solaris) BJ
140002P5 Applications Developer (Java, Portuguese) BJ
140009HZ EBS Fin Product Manager BJ
14000BDF Software Developer – Oracle Enterprise Management Cloud Control (Japanese Speaking) BJ
140008UM Database Production Analyst – Japanese Speaking (JAVA) BJ
14000N1O QA Analyst 2 – Advance Tape Engineering – Installation BJ
Fusion Middleware
14000CC6 Senior/Principal Tuxedo Developer (C, Linux) BJ
Systems Development
140003MT Solaris Storage Developer(C,Kernel/OS/Storage) BJ
140009L4 Principal/Senior Software Developer – Solaris Multipathing BJ
14000H8A Senior QE – Solaris Storage (C/Python/Shell, OS/Storage) BJ
14000KDB Senior Test Developer, QE – Solaris Core OS – RAD (Java/Python/Shell) BJ
14000L12 Senior QA – Solaris Core OS (Python/Shell, Solaris/Linux) BJ
14000LJV Senior Test Developer, QE – Solaris Core OS (C/Python/Shell, OS/Kernel) BJ
Oracle Cloud
14000BNZ Social Cloud Developer (PHP, Ruby) BJ
140002JP QA Engineer for Social Media Platform BJ
14000AGB Public Cloud Senior Test Developer (Java/JavaEE) BJ
140008Q3 Principal Product Manager-Cloud Operations BJ/SH/SZ
Java Platform and Java ME-Embedded
140009WI Principal Java Developer Engineer (JDK) – Java Platform Group BJ
14000H6L Senior Software Engineer – Installation (JAVA/Shell) BJ
14000CA7 Principal/Senior Application Developer – Account Payable BJ
14000CA8 Principal/Senior Software Developer – Peoplesoft Application Data Set BJ
140009CC (Senior) PeopleTools Development Manager BJ
14000G8K Principal/Senior PeopleTools Developer – PIA/Portal (C++/Java, Web) BJ
14000BSK Senior LCM Java Developer BJ
14000KTN Senior Functional QA (ERP or Accounting) BJ
Linux OVM
14000G4B Linux Kernel Developer (CPU Arch, VM) BJ
14000CGA OpenStack QA – Linux OVM BJ
14000NUS Senior Software Developer – OVM (JAVA/Shell) BJ
140006JT Principal Test Tool Developer (Python/Java) BJ
14000L79 Sr. Linux and Virtualization Development Engineer (Python/Shell/C/C++) BJ
14000KYX Senior Linux and Virtualization Test Infrastructure Development Engineer (Python/Shell/Java) BJ
140009IO Test Developer (or Java Developer, Willing to do Test Job) SZ
140008U4 DB Testing – RAC SH
14000HZ8 Database Test Engineer (CC++ dev; Master Degree) SZ
14000HJ2 Database Test Engineer (Oracle DBA; Master Degree) SZ
ACS Engineering
14000MCT Senior Software Engineer( Java EE, SQL) BJ
14000O72 Senior Software Developer-ACS(Java/JavaEE) BJ
Fusion Applications Development -Financials
14000B29 Applications Developer SZ
Server Technology
14000D7M Senior/Principal Software Developer-Berkeley SH
14000CWB Senior/Principal Software Developer-NoSQL SH
140006YO JAVA Developer – ATS  (C#, JS, Java) SH
14000D2A Senior Software QA – ATS  (Web Application Load Testing) SH
140008CM Principal Java/JavaScript Developer – EM BJ
14000IOO Software Developer – DB Test Tools SZ
Oracle China Development Center (Nanjing)
14000NMS QA Engineer-NPx NJ
14000GCX Software Engineer (Web) NJ
14000KN3 Senior Software Engineer for DSR (C++) NJ
14000J95 Development Manager (C++) NJ
14000JFR Senior Software Engineer for SPR (C++, Linux, Database development) NJ
140008Q3 QA Analyst – Tekelec NJ
Oracle China Development Center (Suzhou)
1400047W Development Manager – Fusion apps MFG SZU
1400002G Principal Developer/Architect (C#, .Net) SZU
14000B70 Senior Java Developer – MBP SZU
14000FLY Development Manager (Java) – Fusion FIN SZU
14000A4S Senior Software Developer (Java) SZU
14000CWE Oracle Contract Administrator – Korean Speaking BJ
14000CD8 Oracle Contract Administrator – Japanese Speaking BJ