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How to debug accounting issues in EBS and Fusion Application?

Oracle ERP applications, EBS and Fusion application, use subledger accounting architecture to create accounting for transactions and accounting events.

When you create accounting online from AP invoice, AR invoice, payment, receipt, etc., you may meet some problems that the accounting entries(subledger journals) are not able to created. It suggests you run create accounting concurrent program and see detailed errors. Generally, this is because some validations are not passed or some cross-application problems. For example, AP prepayment application for multiple times, etc.

At this moment, you should run the program and read the output file and log file to locate the problem. And you may need to validate the AAD (Application accounting definition) for your application and resolve the problems indicate in output file. Generally the problem can be resolved.

To validate ADD, you need to go to subledger accounting setup->subledger accounting setup->accounting methods builder->method and definitions->application accounting definition to validate your ADD by event class or run a concurrent program called “Validate Application Accounting Definitions” and select ledger and application in parameter.

To resolve other errors indicate in create accounting output file. It is case by case. For example, below error message

“The subledger journal entry does not balance by balancing segment and there is no Intracompany Balancing Rule defined for the ledger Vision India Operations, source Payables and journal category Purchase Invoices. The ledger option Intracompany Balancing is enabled, but no balancing rules are defined for the ledger. Please update the journal entry setups for the application accounting definition so that the journal entry balances by balancing segment, or define a cross-entity balancing rule for the ledger.”

It means the accounting entries generated for the transaction are not balanced. It means, in AP transaction, Dr. side accounting is from distribution line and Cr. Side accounting is from supplier liability account setup. They have different company segment (balance segment), so they are not balanced. You must need to change either distribution balance segment or supplier liability balance segment to make them consistent.

Preaccounting and Postaccounting Hook

“Create Accounting” program creates SLA journal entries for events. As we ever mentioned in the post before, we can add some logic in preaccounting hook or postaccounting hook to do something before or after accounting.  If you want to do something in preaccounting or postaccounting, you must know which events will/have be processed in the accounting program. How to get these event or transaction id?

Generally, you can get it from “p_report_request_id”. The request id will be updated to xla_events table and the request id will be shipped to hooks as a parameter. So you can get the event or transaction by below code in accounting hook.

  FROM   xla.xla_events xee,
                xla.xla_transaction_entities  xte,
                xla.xla_ae_headers xah,
                xla.xla_ae_lines xal
  WHERE  xee.application_id = XXX
  AND       xee.event_id = xte.event_id
  AND       xee.event_id=xah.event_id
  AND       xah.ae_header_id=xal.ae_header_id
  AND       ……         –any other condition you want to add
  AND    XEE.request_id = p_report_request_id;