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Can’t Delete/Inactive a Customer Item

When you try to inactive a customer item, an error message show you “INV_CI_XREF_ACTIVE_EXISTS“, even though you have┬áinactived any cross reference items on this customer item.

Why? And it seems  not reasonable.

But it is an intended functionality. Consulting with Oracle, it is explained like

When you go to re-activate the Customer Item Cross Reference the Internal Item does not display so users cannot re-activate the item.
i) Users made the Cross Reference inactive first. However the user is able to see the cross reference as inactive in cross reference screen .
ii) Then Customer Item is made inactive. Once the Customer Item is made inactive, then this item is no longer used to show any cross reference within the system. The view is designed correctly to not display any Cross Reference for inactive Customer Items.
iii) In case users want to see the cross references again, then users have to first make the Customer Item active from Customer Items screen. Now users will be able to see the Cross Reference, whether active or inactive, for this customer item in cross reference screen .
So this is not a bug but functionality.

If you have an Oracle metalink account, go to document 435287.1.