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New added account can’t be shown in the FSG report

One user called me that the new added account 1xxxxx can’t be shown in the balance sheet (FSG report) after she added it in the row set definition properly.

Generally it is because of security rule, but this time after checking in the system, the security rule has been release.

So why can’t the account be shown in Balance Sheet on this situation? I did some test and found below:
  • If the account has balance of “0”, it will be shown as “0” in the report;
  • If the account had never been used before the period of the runninig report, the whole line of this account won’t be shown in the report.

It may be because of FSG’s logic – extracting the required accounting entries firstly, then organizing the report.

FSG report across SOB

Most of us know we can use FSG report to perform the consolidation. But some of us ignore that, in fact, we can get a FSG report across SOB by specifying the SOB in column set up. It means we can select an SOB in one column and select another SOB in another column, then we can use calculate feature in the summary column to get the sum of the value across SOB. It is applied to use for some companies which have several SOB but the SOB’s structure are same or similar.