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TroubleShooting Installation Oracle Jinitiator (ISSET_SE, IMSCUI.DLL)

This is the first time I met problem during installing oajinit.exe (Some modern client setup don’t need to install oajinit, but nature JRE). Generally, it is automatically installed when you log into Oracle professional forms at first time. But this time, I met the problem like below whatever I choose to install it automatically or manually.

ISSET_SE makes access error on IMSCUI.DLL address 0x44763f90? What’s this? I can’t click any button whatever Closing, Cancel, Ignore.

Trying for some times with failure, I searched the metalink again. It says it is an authorization issue and need administrator authorization. I changed to the local admin account, then it is ok – no errors.

If you need any more details, go to metalink 166219.1 Trouble Shooting on installation Jinitiator on Win2000.

Please also note that my OS is Windows XP (WinXP), but I met the problem again.

By the way, yesterday, when I’m free, I also search this error on Google. Somebody says that it is because of Microsoft Pinyin 2010. It is indeed occurred after I installing the Microsoft Pinyin 2010. I also ever doubt about it and un-install it.