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Change AR Invoice/Credit Memo/Debit Memo status from Complete to Incomplete

Once you complete an AR invoice/credit memo/debit memo by clicking the “Complete” button, you can’t change it back to “Incomplete” (the “Incomplete” button is greyed out) if any below situation exists:

  • The transaction has been transferred to GL after completing
  • The transaction has been printed after completing
  • The transaction has any activity, e.g. payment, application, adjustment, etc.

Delete an Item

You can delete an item, if there’s no any transactions related to it in your system.

1. Log into IC module and change the organization to the item master organization, e.g. 000.

2. Go to item>delete an item and create a delete group.

3. Enter a group name, e.g. “20090101” and select “All organizations” (To delete the item thoroughly, please select “All organizations”. To delete the item only on your current organization but remain it in other organizations, you can select “Current organizations”.)

4. Enter the item to be deleted.

5. Click “Check Group” button, then a concurrent request will be run and return you some Errors if there is. Generally, if you have assigned item to multiple org.,there’s always an error said “the item is still existing in the child org.”. Just ignore it. For other errors, fix them.

6. Click “Delete Group” to delete them.

Apply Multiple Deposit to an AR Invoice

Sometimes, we have received an deposit and get the payment from customer for this deposit. Then we received another deposit from the same customer for the same transaction(contract). When we finished business, we create an AR invoice to customer. We have two deposits for this invoice. How to apply these two deposit for this one invoice?

From Oracle standard functionality we can only apply one deposit to one invoice. We can’t apply multiple deposit to the AR invoice. The workaround to handle this case is unapply the payments from the original deposits, credit the original deposits, and then make a new deposit, apply the multiple payments to the new deposit, and then apply the new deposit to the AR invoice.

Is there any other better solutions? Waiting for Oracle……