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Install osCommerce on linux

osCommerce is an open source e-commerce shop solution. I should be interesting and meaningful to try it if you want to build your own on-line shop. The first step is installation.

1. Install the Linux (fedora 12) with MySQL, Apache and PHP.

2. Install/Update PHP with GD, run below command with root account
# yum install php-gd
# /etc/init.d/httpd restart

3. Copy your download folders and files to your apache home folder.

4. Create user, database; grant user’s privileges in MySQL.

5. Visit http://localhost/catalog/install/

6. Enter the MySQL database information. You need to create a new database called oscommerce and created a new user called oscommerce in step 4.
7. Set up web server

8. Set up your store
9. Finished
Then you can have a look at your store by clicking “Catalog” button or continue to set up your store by clicking “Administration” button.