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How to Set up AP Invoice Voucher Number Sequence by Operating Unit (OU)

Maybe you have known that, by Oracle default setup, we can’t use the separate sequence for AP invoice voucher number by Operating Unit (OU) while we can only share one sequence for each type of AP invoice in one set of books (SOB). These days, I’m considering this flexibility and find out a way to set up the separate sequence for AP invoice voucher number by specific operating unit (OU) like below.

1. Mark the check box of “Allow Document Category Override” in payables options, invoice tab

2. Set up Document Category for the specific OU

3. Define the sequence for the OU 

4. Assign the sequence (of step 3) to the category (of step 2)

5. Make the field “Document Category Name” to mandatory by Form Personalization Feature

6. To make the system not to auto default the document category, inactive the default category sequence assignment