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Receipt, Return and Correct

It is ok to use “return” to correct “receipt” and use “receipt” to correct “return“. For example,  you received 20 units and then found you just received 19 units, it is ok to return 1 unit to correct your mistake.

But is it reasonable?  No, because it corrupts your receiving and returning trail.  In above example, you actually received 19 unit, but in the system it seems that you received 20 unit and then found one unit damaged and then returned it.

So we recommend you to use correct to handle that.  Go to Purchasing > Receiving > Correction or Inventory > Transactions > Receiving > Corrections, find out the mistake PO/RMA and then enter the correct quantity.

Please take care that,  against your organization’s receiving option setup, you may select Receipt Routing as “Direct Delivery”, then you directly receive and deliver your goods by one one saving action. But when you correct it, you must do two steps for it, one is from your on-hand inventory to receiving inventory, the other is from your receiving inventory to your supplier.