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Oracle Taiwan Localizations

Oracle Financials provides standard localization features for Taiwan region,which includes

One function:

  1. Government Uniform Invoice Number Generation (GUI)
    The feature works together with Oracle e-Business Suite to support Taiwanese three kinds of invoict types and its special invoice number generation. The invoice number is predefined by tax authority for the company bi-monthly which has a prefix and changed every two months. 
    The feature uses standard transaction source to fulfill the requirement. User must set up new transaction source when they get the new pre-defined invoice number from tax authority every two months. Which is not very user-friendly.

Nine Reports:

  1. Taiwanese Input VAT Report
    List input VAT entries from Payables. The report can be submit at different levels, legal entity, operating unit, ledger, etc. as well as below reports.
  2. Taiwanese Payables Sales/Purchase Return and Discount Certificate
    This is the purchase return or discount certificate assigned to supplier for evidence of accounitng and audit purpose.
  3. Taiwanese Purchase Return and Discount Report
    List purchase return and discount with tax entry information.
  4. Taiwanese Output VAT Report
    List input VAT entries from Receivables.
  5. Taiwanese Receivables Government Uniform Invoice Report
    This is an internal report to list all GUI invoice in receivable.
  6. Taiwanese Receivables Zero-Rate Tax Report
    List the tax exemption entries informaiton.
  7. Taiwanese Sales Return and Discount Report
    List sales return and discount with tax entry information.
  8. Taiwanese EDI Government Uniform Invoice
    List all GUI invoice from both Payables and Receivables in tax authority required format. The EDI file will upload to tax authority statutorly. 
  9. Taiwanese Pro Forma 401 Report
    This report provides required information to help customer submit statutory 401 Form. 401 form should be tax return report. It is like below